Monday, August 16, 2010

SDP to make broadband up to 50% faster?

Stuff posted an article about a kiwi invention which claims to be able to make broadband faster by up to 50%.

The copper phone line terminates into the device, called an SDP - analogous to a distribution frame but in a compact form, which includes a splitter capable of supporting broadband services up to VDSL, while delivering ethernet grade wiring to the rest of the home in a star pattern (as opposed to the traditional daisy chained PSTN jack points).

A DSL modem will still be required to connect to a broadband service and future fibre to the home based services will be able to be terminated on the device.

While improving the quality of internal house wiring is the best way to squeeze more speed out of your broadband connection, an up to 50% improvement is an ambitious target.

Read More ( | Chorus page on Service Delivery Points

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