Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vector to trial Gigabit fibre

The National Business Review have posted an article discussing Vector's trial of Gigabit fibre technology in partnership with Northpower. The trial will be lab based to test equipment from four different manufacturers.

The article also discusses G-PON point to multi point technology and the Telecommunications Minister Ross Patterson's objections to it due to the (perceived?) difficulties in unbundling it.

Unlike point to point technology where an individual fibre is delivered from the exchange to each home, under G-PON a single fibre is fed to a mid distribution point where a passive optical splitter splits the line out into individual strands that feed each home.

Architecturally I can see challenges that need to be overcome when unbundling G-PON, though if multiple strands of fibre are fed to the optical splitter, there is potential to "jumper" a customer's line to an access seeker owned/leased fibre feed back to the central exchange (analogous to how we do things in the copper PSTN world).

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