Sunday, September 12, 2010

Government's "cut too many corners", says Newman

Ernie Newman slammed the government's UFB initiative while speaking in Wellington at the National Forum of Economic Development according to a article.

Newman raised concerns that there has been little planning around what the key objectives are relating the government's scheme, and more focus on getting the technology delivered as quickly as possible. "We are working through the implementation without having a clear vision of the end point we want to achieve.", says Newman.

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The outgoing TUANZ CEO raises some interesting points. Questions the public should be asking are things such as what are we getting for our tax dollars, what services are targeted for UFB, when will the services be delivered, and so forth.

Also of concern is the current shroud of secrecy surrounding negotiations for the local fibre company contracts. As citizens are sharing in the capital expenditure, should they be privy to negotiations and/or have a say in the chosen partnerships?

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