DSL Digital Subscriber Network - The current technology delivering broadband to New Zealand homes using the PSTN copper wires. Current versions in use are ADSL, ADSL2+, and SHDSL (for business). A number of major providers are currently trialing VDSL, a high speed variant that rivals UFB over existing copper infrastructure.
DSLAM The device on the exchange end of your phone line which transmits to and receives a broadband signal from your modem/router. See the following Wikipedia article for more info.
CPE Customer Premises Equipment - All the gadgets in your home connected to the phone line, including telephones, modem/routers, faxes, monitored alarm systems, sky decoders, etc...
Ethernet Defines how data is delivered and managed over a physical medium such as copper or fibre. See excellent Wikipedia article for more info.
FTTP Fibre to the Premises, also known as FTTH or Fibre to the Home - A marketing term for the ultra fast broadband service delivered to your doorstep over fibre.
FTTN Fibre to the Node - Fibre deployed to your nearest roadside cabinet designed to reduce the physical distance between your home and the DSLAM with the overall goal of increasing your broadband speed and stability. See Chorus page for more info.
MED The New Zealand Ministry of Economic development.
PON Passive Optical Network - Existing fibre technology under trial in New Zealand. Two variants are in use, BPON, and the faster GPON.
UFB Ultra Fast Broadband. The Governments $1.5 billion initiative to bring an ultrafast fibre based broadband service to 97% of New Zealand homes.